Please note the following meetings will take place behind closed doors.

Only pre-registered personnel will attend

Sunday 18th April

Holderness at Sheriff Hutton

Sunday 2nd May

Zetland with Cleveland

at Witton Castle

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©  Pointing in Yorkshire 2017

Whether you are a seasoned point to point enthusiast
or just fancy a social day out with family,
pointing in Yorkshire will provide you with a fun,
exciting and memorable day out in the Yorkshire countryside.

With a total of 10 courses throughout Yorkshire
chances are there is a point to point course near you.
Visit our Courses page to find out.

“Pointing in Yorkshire is fab because everbody is so friendly, it's like one big happy family.
Don't get me wrong we are all hugely competitive but whenever we have a runner out of the area
Yorkshire folk always stick together and show huge support.”

Jacqueline Coward (9 times Ladies' Area Champion).